WhartonMN Book Award

Alumni Knowledge Sharing Opportunity

Do you have a favorite high school in Minnesota? Starting this year, The Wharton Alumni Club of Minnesota will honor top students in their junior year with the Wharton Alumni Club of Minnesota Book Award. 
The Book Award program serves to bring Wharton to the attention of school advisors and to area juniors who are good prospects for admission and who may not typically consider the Wharton undergraduate program. We will send a mailing to schools in the area, requesting their participation in the program and their nomination of a deserving student. The award recipient student will receive a personalized bookplate, a brochure on Wharton and a congratulatory letter inviting them to learn more about Wharton and to contact local alumni with questions. The books, which are paid for by WhartonMN alumni contributions, will be delivered to the principals and counselors for presentation at awards ceremonies. If you are interested in sponsoring a book at your favorite high school, or want to present the award this spring, contact the club president.